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2) Web 2.0 Services Social Media Optimization: We will be promoting your site regularly on day to day basis in several Social Networking websites like Blogs Postings,, Blogspot, Social Networking websites Submission,Social Book marking Websites Submission, My Space, Face book, Linked In,, Digg , ,Claim ID, ,, Article submissions, Forums Postings , Discussion groups, Comments on Blogs and Article Submission, Press Releases Submission, Ad Postings, Video Submission etc. These tools are Internet tools that allow the user to go beyond just receiving information through the web. The user is expected to interact and to create content with others. Social media sites such as Face book and Twitter are examples of Web 2.0 tools.

Social Media Optimization,A) Twitter —Traffic and Reach:B)Voice C)Face book—Targeted Connections Contests.D) YouTube—SEO,E)Google+—SEO F)Social Media Managing.G)Face book Monthly Marketing Tasks H)Change cover image once a month or agreed upon schedule Twitter Account Creation.I)Twitter Monthly Marketing Tasks J)YouTube Monthly Marketing Tasks K)Google+ Personal Account and Page Creation (One-Time Fee) (And Local G+ for local businesses) L)Google+ Monthly Marketing Tasks (On-Going)M) Directory Submission,N) Analytics and Reporting: We will submit weekly, monthly report.O) SEO Maintenance For one complete year.

A) Twitter —Traffic and Reach: Twitter is used mainly for its ability to move traffic to a site. 90% of the tweets are designed to engage interest and make the click to the site. After that, the site needs to manage the interest and move people to the sale. Twitter will work for you when you make the tweets as down-home and authentic and as non sales-y as possible. This is done through quotes from presentations and presenters, images from the site, facts and figures, and conversations. What to Tweet: teaser text for the products, parts of testimonials, statement of benefits, vocabulary that captures the voice of your company, 80% with links.

B)Voice: The most important part to define is the “voice” of the tweets; highly energetic, forceful, sweet, etc. The voicing will be the emotional mover in the tweet creation process. A global list of hash tags will be developed that will increase the reach of each tweet beyond the Followers of the accounts. A collection of tweets (50) and the instructions on how to vary them will be developed. Each tweet will include links and hash tags. This excel file will be available for all principals and supports to use in any marketing campaigns. The most important about using Twitter for marketing is the voicing, frequency and landing pages the tweets take people to. Strategy in a nutshell: We will Tweet at least 50 times a week on all designated accounts (TBD) Tweet during peak online attention of targeted potential customers Use the top hash tags for the product in most tweets Connect with top Twitter Chat hosts to schedule Twitter Chats Optional: Twitter ad campaign – budget to be determined – suggested $10/day

C)Face book—Targeted Connections Contests :Face book is an amazing space; if you have a clear idea of what brings people together, what people love to share and where you want them to go and how to get them there. What brings people together: common pain, common solutions, sense of shared traits, common purpose? What people love to share: beautiful images, quotes, human faces, funny text/images/stories, and powerful statements by celebrities, offers and discounts? Where do you want them to go: always take them to a place that solves their problem, sales page, video page? We develop Face book Page and Promote Posts which is very important to use, but the number of Page likes is to be increased at least 200 in order to use that service. IBsoftech can develop several posts that would be perfect for Promoting Posts. These posts can be posted and used anytime at least twice a day is suggested. We develop the posts and schedule them to post at high traffic times on Face book. Face book ads that are targeted to a targeted audience. We create and manage an ad campaign for your webpage.Strategy in a nutshell: The focus of this phase is to expand your target market on Face book using a re-occurring contest strategy. These contests can be targeted to your top target locations or demographics. This process will give you more Page Likes and more engagement on the Page and more traffic to your website.

D) YouTube—SEO:The main reason you want to be on YouTube is the SEO benefit. Videos need to be developed to use all the targeted keywords you want to own for this program. This video does not need to be on-camera interviews. The videos can be presentations, ads, testimonials with static images etc. YouTube can be an amazing space if you provide an entertaining, professional and highly optimized video channel. We make sure there is an element of entertainment woven into every video we create and we make sure you are following the template created by James Wed more.

E)Google+—SEO: We create this space and connect it up with all the SEO in the company page About section. A functional Google personal account is needed for private G+ video Hangouts with potential customers and/or existing customers. Google+ can also be an amazing space if your customers are already there. Strategy in a nutshell: Create a business Page or Local Page or combine ones you already own Inform your fans - Announce that you are on G+ to all your other social sites Optional: Create a G+ Community for a more intimate discussion between Members Social Media Managing: The following tasks are organized by social platform. There are two sections for each social site: Social Account Creation and Design

F)Social Media Managing: If you already have the creation and design completed for a social site, just look at the managing part for that social platform. You can mix and match just the services you need for your project. Cover images developed with your existing images and agreed upon text. These will be rotated once a month or agreed upon schedule All settings adjusted, Admins connected, username created Instructions developed to be sent out in all your marketing tracks to garner new Page Likes (newsletter text, newspaper ads, radio text)

G)Face book Monthly Marketing Tasks (On-Going) Linked Face book posts (image + text + link) per week, M-W-F, to the Page. These are posts that have already been created on a blog or website. If you need Content creation, we create content based upon discussion. Simple posts a week, Tuesday and Thursday, to the Page. These are simple questions and fill-in-the-blank types of posts Monitoring conversations, deleting spam, and postings replies on the Page interacting with other targeted Pages as your Page for increased visibility and Face book Page growth once a week. A list of these Pages, or a keyword to find them in search is needed for this task. Optional: Running one Face book Ad campaign per month for more aggressive Face book Page growth and e-mail options. Monitoring the ad campaign to ensure the cheapest price per click and delivering a monthly report on the stats. You can decide on a daily budget and the cost would go on your credit card.

H)Change cover image once a month or agreed upon schedule Twitter Account Creation (One-Time Fee) Open account(s) with agreed upon username and full name 160 character bio developed with keywords and extra URLs Photo uploaded, background image uploaded Optional: If you need a background image created +1000Follow up to 400 people on your behalf by keyword and/or location.We Create three Twitter Lists to organize the people and brands you Follow and for the extra reach and marketing juice Research and suggest 10 hash tags for marketing based on your business niche.

I)Twitter Monthly Marketing Tasks (On-Going) Face book Page posts auto-post to designated Twitter accounts. We manually follow other targeted tweeters to grow your following. Following a minimum of 50 new people per week targeted by keyword. 10 tweets/day actively Re-tweeting and commenting on your behalf actively using the designated hash tags. YouTube Channel Creation (One-Time Fee) Creating or using an existing Gmail account to open new YouTube Channel Design the Channel; format, description, background image upload Optional: If you need a background image create 1000. Creating 3 Playlists for social marketing tasks SEO for Channel and template for video SEO

J)YouTube Monthly Marketing Tasks (On-Going) Uploading and optimizing YouTube videos with keywords, titles, and descriptions to be found and drive traffic Managing YouTube comments by answering posts and removing spam as needed Adding you’re created videos to designated playlists Adding other channels videos to designated playlists.

K)Google+ Personal Account and Page Creation (One-Time Fee) (And Local G+ for local businesses)Personal account creation /or revitalization,Profile page development, images uploading Training on how to use Picasa for Instant Upload to accountLocal G+ Page finding and Initiate Claiming Process Creation of auto-posting Google+ updates directly to Twitter account,10 Circles creation for marketing and research.L)Google+ Monthly Marketing Tasks (On-Going)One status update/day that auto-posts to client’s Twitter account , One Shared post/day from A-List person in client’s niche Adding people to designated Circles, Reports for ALL Contracted Social Accounts Monthly PDF report on traffic, interactions, demographics and growth .Monthly conference call to assess needs and maintain open communication.M) Directory Submission: We will submit your site regularly and manually on day to day basis in to search engine directories to generate traffic to your website. N) Analytics and Reporting: We will submit weekly, monthly report. The data of reports includes:Page views (by hour, day, week, month and year)Unique visitors (by hour, day, week, month and year)Traffic origination,Keywords used by search engines
Frequented pages,Visitor information (including web browser, operating system, country and language)Traffic by time of day,Navigation paths. O) SEO Maintenance FOR ONE Complete Year:Modification of Meta tags for pages which are not performing Optimization of content Creation of content or content updating. P:Link building:Article postings and submissions Forums/ blogs postings,Directory Submission,Social Media Optimization